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Covering Up Ahead of the Storm- Phase 2

Happy New Year! On the first day of 2014, in the waning hours of daylight, some very good friends braved the cold to help us get the first layer of plastic on the new nursery greenhouse. We wanted it to get it on ahead of the giant N’or Easter that is snowing down on us today.  They’re predicting over a foot of snow, and now we won’t have to shovel as much to continue working! There’s still lots more to do before we can make this a working, heated nursery!DSC_0488

Over the past few days the guys have been preparing: framing in the ends and installing double channel over the curved arch, and along both sides. Later, they’ll build removable end walls to allow venting in the heat of summer. For now, they’ll seal off the ends with plastic, and install a person-sized entry door. The knee-wall on the south side of the house is open framed, and the extra plastic will be rolled up on a system that will allow more venting along the entire side.

Before the plastic installation, a small fire gave off just enough heat to warm our hands.


Meet Colton Russell, our newest farmer, born two days before Thanksgiving. He came outside to check on his father’s handiwork. It won’t be long before he’s pitching in on one of the many projects around here.


Bill and Mike and Dan are installing the last pieces of double channel that holds the plastic in place.DSC_0469

It was a bit of a challenge to hold on to the giant piece of plastic during installation. Under ideal conditions, you want a calm day with no wind. Yesterday was not bad, but not quite ideal. Most of the day was cold and windy, but the wind died down enough late in the day to make this operation at least possible. We fought with a few good gusts to keep everything in place long enough to install all the wiggle wire that holds the plastic firmly in place inside the channel.DSC_0475

Nancy noted that the temperature was warmer inside, mostly because it was out of the wind.


While all of this was going on, Andrew and Justin (two of the Black Earth Compost guys who do our compost operation here, more on that later…) delivered their skid-steer, a machine that will allow them to push compostable materials against the concrete wall along the north side of the greenhouse. But before that, a large steel manifold will be bolted in place along that wall, to allow warm airflow from the compost pile to passively heat the greenhouse.

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