Nursery Greenhouse – Phase 2!

It’s happening! Work is underway again on our new heated nursery greenhouse.


It is that time of year, when we finally have time to work on projects that we can’t get to during the busy season of planting, harvesting and marketing. …(and then there’s Christmas and all its related activities…)

You might remember Phase 1 from this earlier post.


When this is all done, we will have a place to call our own that we can walk to, after several years of hauling soil and seeds and trays to an offsite greenhouse in the next town over.

This is even more exciting, as we are experimenting with sustainable methods to heat it. There will be a double, inflated plastic layer that fastens into this double channel…


And it is to be heated by a pile of working compost that’s soon to be built behind the cement block wall on the North side. Michael has welded up a steel tube manifold that they’ll bury in the compost. The two open ends will emerge through the concrete wall inside, at either end of the greenhouse. A fan will blow air into one end, and out of the other end will come air that has been heated by the compost. Since compost gets up to 165 degrees, we should see a significant warming effect inside the greenhouse on the coldest of winter nights. This blower will be set up on a thermostat, so it only kicks on when the air cools to a certain level. We will also use a woodstove for a backup.

By February or March, we plan to start growing trays of onions and leeks and celery. We will definitely be getting back into using soil blocks too!


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3 responses to “Nursery Greenhouse – Phase 2!

  1. Are you SURE you are not close enough for me to come and visit. I love the compost idea.. we are also building very small glasshouse off the house, so that in the winter it will contribute warmth to the house (a good theory i hope it works!) It will have a heated floor, the pipes are in but we are still not sure how to heat it!! John is thinking of running pipes from the house woodstove… Love c

    • You would be welcome anytime Celi! The pipes from the house woodstove sounds like a great idea. The glasshouse will heat you in the daytime, but could suck all that heat and more out in the night, so you are right to think about ways to heat at night. Some heat sink storage might help too. Some people fill barrels with water that heat up during the day and give it off at night.

  2. Marcia Farina

    Woohoo!!! This is totally awesome, can’t wait to see it!!! Love, Marcia 🙂

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