And… Away We Go!

First, a shot of the small hoophouse in its new position where it was moved on Sunday. The carrots underneath the hoops are recovering nicely from the compost burning, thank goodness! The house was closed up and black plastic was spread over the soil to warm it in preparation for the next crops to be planted soon: artichokes and hot peppers!DSC_0959

Last night, the large hoophouse was moved into its new position. It will house tomatoes, ginger, basil and parsley.


See the tractor in the distance? Two 200 foot lengths of cable are attached to the back of the tractor. The cables run through pulleys screwed into two short posts that have been put at either end. This keeps the greenhouse on an even plane as its pulled by the tractor.DSC_0949

And there it goes! The preparation to make the move took longer than the actual move itself…DSC_0950

Which was, literally, over in seconds…DSC_0952

Like buttah…DSC_0954

Afterwards, the hoops and reemay cloth were replaced over the crops, since our nights are still hovering in the 40s. They are probably fine without this protection now, but we don’t want to take any chances of a freeze. Plus, the crops underneath will be hardened off to the direct sun over a period of days. DSC_0962

Spinach and lettuce has already been planted in the rows alongside the greenhouse, and here, Mike is preparing a few more beds so we can plant beets and turnips today.DSC_0965

As the sun goes down, a parting shot of the whole picture.DSC_0966

As I went home, here’s the new view from my house.



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3 responses to “And… Away We Go!

  1. Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for sharing the hoop house move. I really enjoy reading your posts. Glad the carrots are rebounding after the compost dilemma. We bought 18 yards of compost this spring and after reading your post I hoped that we didn’t have a similar problem. So far so good.

    We bought a used 27 x 60 greenhouse this spring. Now that it is home, in pieces, we are considering making it a moveable greenhouse. What did you use on the bottom of the side walls for skids? Also what is the clearance on the end walls to pass over the established crops.

    Thanks, Diane Rivard Farm and StuCroft Farm

  2. HUGE! your work is momentous and full of problem solving, preparation is the key to almost every part of growing.. love that moving hoop house!! c

  3. Mike

    The skids are made out of 2″ by 3″ angle iron attached in 10′ sections. The old ground pipes were cut into shorter pieces and attached with u-bolts to the angle iron and wood boards just like a regular greenhouse. the end walls are 16″ off the ground to be able to move over growing crops.

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