S(no)w More Please! We’re Moving Floor-Ward…

DSC_0613Last Friday’s 18+ inches of snow….


…was a total surprise. The local meteorologists got it completely wrong. At 12 inches and still snowing, we were scoffing at snow total maps still showing our area could expect no more than 4 to 6.

On a sad note, by the end of the weekend, tragically, three houses on Plum Island literally had toppled off their foundations onto the beach. Thirteen more in that same neighborhood have been condemned, and at least 40 homes are in danger of being lost in future storm surges. In today’s Boston Globe, according to Kenneth Kimmell, the commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection, “It took about 100 years for the coastline to recede 100 feet. . . . It has now receded another 100 feet since 1994…Those homes are at risk, and will continue to be at risk because of the sea-level rise and the retreating shoreline that is picking up in pace in ways that none of us can predict or stop. Those are large geologic forces that no one is capable of stopping.”


Between snow cleanup, and planting carrots, mesclun mix and head lettuce in the greenhouses…


work on the barn floor was begun. Pressure treated cribbing was laid directly on the earth. In the 1700s barns were built directly on the dirt. All of the posts are incredibly still sound, each one resting on a large, flat rock…



A few of the old floorboards were deemed fit to last another 100 years or so…, and then new boards were fitted and screwed firmly into the underneath supports.


…and what a difference! We are well on our way to having a barn floor that we can dance on!DSC_0615



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2 responses to “S(no)w More Please! We’re Moving Floor-Ward…

  1. dancing in the barn!! fantastic.. and sad about the houses, you cannot stop the sea, it has a habit of coming in and taking back what it gifted.. we had this at home, 100 years ago an earthquake brought the land up and since then the sea has been chipping away at it.. what people forget is that this earth we sit on so precariously has been ebbing and flowing since time, way way before we came and started to dig it up..I suspect it sees us as parasites.. I am a proponent of the great shrug theory, in fact it is my own theory and has a following of one, me, i think that one day the earth will stop for a millisecond and shrug then say.. ” Out!” and off into space the remains of the human experiment will fly.. earth will brush its metaphorical hands together, and then back in gear, will begin to revolve gently in space again without all the hangers on… Imagine.. c

  2. The great shrug theory…an apt description…and I couldn’t agree more! We think we are so important, but we are most definitely not, in the larger scheme of things. Dancing in the barn is most definitely in our future. We will definitely invite you when that happens!

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