Making It Whole Again

After a stretch of frigid nights down into the single digits, we are having some warmer weather. Light-wise we are gaining an average of about minute a day, a gain that has very quickly become noticeable. Mind you it is still January, and February will likely bring more vicious cold and snow, but just knowing that we are creeping back towards the light, heading out of the dark days makes me feel that Spring is not so distant. Saying this, the truth of the matter is, I am not nearly ready to have it come so soon. I am thoroughly enjoying, and still need cave time.


The day started out with a few flakes and a dusting of snow.


Before noon it was all the way up into the 40s sunny, with just a light breeze.


Perfect conditions to get the new plastic on the hoophouse.


Calls went out to the friends because this is a job where “many hands” is just the thing you need. DSC_0128

Especially if there is even more than a breath of wind.

DSC_0129The wind held off for today.


We spent the best part of a day last weekend taking off the ripped plastic, replacing three bent purlins and fixing one hoop, and making all other necessary repairs to the hoophouse frame and endwalls. By the end of the day, it was all ready to go.




DSC_0139 DSC_0140









We will plant the first crop of carrots by the end of the month and and we are relieved to have our hoophouse covered and ready in time to warm the soil.



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2 responses to “Making It Whole Again

  1. Well you all made that look pretty easy, love the horse and baby!! how exciting to be in the planning stages again.. and summer is on its way! morning Maggie!! c

    • maggiemehaffey

      Morning Celi. Although by now it is afternoon…I like the planning time, almost as much as I love the seasonal changes, but it all goes by so fast!

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