Fresh and Local — Dinner from the Market

There are so many great things from a farmer’s perspective about doing a farmer’s market: the chance to get off the farm and socialize with other farmers and compare notes; getting to meet new customers; meeting up with old friends; laughing at the antics of children and dogs. The icing on the cake — bringing home dinner!

Here, from yesterday’s Middleton Farmer’s Market, where people showed up with umbrellas to buy even though it was raining, we have fresh baked bread from AJ King, pork chops and spicy barbecue sauce from Open Meadow Farm, sciracha spaghatini from Valincenti, amazing fresh ricotta and peppercini cheese from Wolf Meadow Farm, kale from Gaouette Farm, and arugula from our very own Mehaffey Farm.

For dinner I cooked up the fresh pasta and added it to sauteed garlic scapes in butter. Then I mixed in several glops of the most delicious homemade ricotta ever tasted, and shrimp. Served with fresh bread…Yummy! (Sorry, no photo of the finished result, it was late we were hungry and we ate it all up!!)



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12 responses to “Fresh and Local — Dinner from the Market

  1. Lucresia

    sciracha spaghatini This is new to me, Just what is it and it’s flavor? Love all your blogs.

    • maggiemehaffey

      Thank you Lu! Sciracha is a Korean hot sauce. The pasta is kind of spicy but not too much. It’s fresh pasta that only has to cook one minute. They make awesome ravioli with all kinds of exotic fillings. During the summer I stock up my freezer and we enjoy their pastas all winter long.

  2. How fantastic, that ricotta!! i must make some soon.. and what a lovely way to end a busy day.. with such a variation of local produce.. have a good one maggie! c

    • maggiemehaffey

      And with your very own cow’s milk! Lucky you! I can’t wait to drool over that post! Meanwhile, we have a handsome Italian cheese maker to provide ours.

      • Just popped over to see what you are up to and i guess you are BUSY!! I must hunt out your email address as i am looking someone to make me a silver bangle, I had quite a collection for a silversmith in england but then they were stolen and i have been looking for another jeweller every since to make some simple, plain heavy silver bangles.. i am tempted to make them myself but i do not know how, do you know anyone? Or do you work in silver in the winter?.. c

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