Another Eye on the Farm

We have a guest photographer today. Desi took a walk around the farm and posted these on Facebook. She has a great eye! These absolutely blew me away and I had to share. I love seeing the farm through another’s lens. I will definitely be asking for more guest photographers!!



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7 responses to “Another Eye on the Farm

  1. wow.. you are right.. she has a great eye and a good sense of balance! wonderful work.. I love the red steering wheel against the cerise! beautiful.. c

  2. Jen O'Brien

    Oh so loverly!!

  3. I love the donkey and horse photos

  4. Melissa J. Varnavas

    Are these photoshopped? There seems to be some layering and color mixing. Love to know what Desi did. Chris just finished a photoshop course. Beautiful work at any rate.

  5. Hi! What land you have and animals! Thanks for sharing your life in photos – Alison

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