Rescue Me, and I Will Rescue You

Lily of the Valley (Lily) arrived first. The two donkeys were supposed to come together, but one refused to get in the trailer, so they brought the other by herself. Lily is 28 and is not well, though she is gentle and calm. She is on a special diet and medicines. As I was walking up with the camera Lily was rolling in the dirt, and then got up right underneath the electric fence. The jolt of electricity on her neck pushed her forward to get away. Donkey breakout!! She was quickly recovered by a laughing Desi, and put back in, none the worse for the wear. At least now she knows about the fence. Donkeys are smart and fast learners.

Amazing Grace is 12 and loves children. She’s a little overweight too, so no treats for her either! Both donkeys have to wear muzzles in the pasture so they don’t eat the grass. Too much sugar in the grass. Desi will soak their hay in water before feeding to reduce the sugar content and administer their medications. They will get lots of good care here, and tons of love and attention.

And then came Prudence!

Oh, my, isn’t she beautiful!

Prudence, a thoroughbred quarterhorse is 15. She was a jumper who got injured and can never jump again. She is Desiree’s fondest dream come true. A natural born cowgirl, horses are in her blood. She grew up tagging along almost since birth with her mother who worked at a stable. Later Desi worked at the same stable, imbibing everything she knows about working with these fine, intelligent, complex, endlessly interesting animals. Desi told us Prudence is a perfect starter horse for us non-horse people here. The rest of us have much to learn, but we will be good students.

Isn’t it nice to see Desi in her element here on the farm!

The second donkey break out occurred when all three animals were turned out together. Prudence, interested in her new friends, started to approach them. The donkeys were afraid, and an escalating game of chase ensued, forcing the donkeys toward the low fence rail, and Grace jumped right over!

After Grace was returned to the paddock, Mike did some fence rail adjustments, adding a second rail above the first. Desi walked Prudence on lead, teaching her to not chase the donkeys! This will probably take some time.

Home, sweet home ladies!



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8 responses to “Rescue Me, and I Will Rescue You

  1. Wow a place for all to stay and so quickly too! Good luck this summer we are now under a coastal flood warning till Tuesday nights low tide has come and gone.

    • maggiemehaffey

      Thanks Eunice, we are staying warm and dry and grateful for a day off. Unfortunately, we planted the last of our potatoes yesterday, in a place where they might get flooded. Oh well, we are hoping that this time of year the rain will get absorbed by all the greenery…

      • Yes I planted a lot yesterday before I heard weather reports 😦 Stay dry and enjoy a bit of REST you will learn to reish them with a busy season ahead for you all

  2. I WANT ONE!!! and they have a lovely stable. that horse is indeed a beauty and those donkeys.. oh so sweet and naughty.. tell Mike that john knows all about fence adjustments after Daisy decided to jump everything! You are a star taking in such old retired animals.. aah donkeys. i love donkeys! and thank you for putting the link in my comments, that was perfect.. have a lovely busy day (laughter!!) c

  3. Candace

    Your Uncle Olin would have loved the horse and Mimi would have related to the escaping livestock …did you know that before we had horses he brought home goats which promptly escaped ….

  4. Melissa J. Varnavas

    Wow! You have a horse and donkeys! You are amazing. How wonderful for you/of you!

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