So Much Work Ahead! Fear Not, It Will Get Done!

If we focus on how much work lies ahead, it could be overwhelming, but we’ve done this enough times that we know it will get done when all hands are on deck. Help is coming soon, our summer intern staff starts next week, and during planting time, all volunteers are welcome. Meanwhile, much has been accomplished. During the next few weeks, it all will come together in a most marvellous way!

Monday was a beautiful sunny day, and I thought it might be fun to take a walk around the farm and show you what it looks like so far. This will be the “Before.” Then, we will do the same walk together in a few weeks after the planting is done, and then once again during the hectic summer bustle, and link those posts back with this one. You with me?

Pay particular attention to this shot. See the greenhouse? It will look quite different very soon.

See the three beehives? The short one in the middle is brand new. We are still feeding sugar water so they will build comb. We have to keep it up until two whole boxes are built out with comb. The two outside boxes are filled with bees and doing well.

I spent quite some time waiting outside one of the hives trying to capture this slightly blurry shot of the bees with their pollen jodhpurs on! How cool is this? I am only about a foot away, and the bees don’t pay any attention to me. They are too busy gathering pollen and nectar.

Notice the excavator on the right of the first of the three photos above. Michael and Desi are doing something very special with it. They are getting ready for three new farm residents. I will tell you more about this later.

This is the view our new farm residents will have!
They will have the best view on the farm from this spot!

Moving on toward the original moveable hoop house, the field has been harrowed and compost spread and mixed in. Next, the rows will be created using the tractor and then we will be ready to plant.

My breakfast! A delicious Ya-ya!

At the front the hoop house are four beds of carrots planted starting in February. Four successions of them. This is where the hoop house was located from last October until a few weeks ago. (See the video in the previous post.) The hoophouse now holds an experimental crop: Baby ginger! We bought some at the farmer’s market last summer and vowed to try it this year. It spent about 6 weeks presprouting in our guest room in a tented warming area. Looks promising!

Baby ginger, just planted in the greenhouse. Can’t wait to see how this fills in over the summer! We will also grow a row of hot peppers in there.

Over here is the garlic. We never have enough, but we are working on expanding the size of the crop. Every year, we save more to plant. It takes awhile, and you must be patient and not eat it all!

The garlic is higher than usual this year. Bulbs are forming…

Strolling past the asparagus patch, I can see there will be more to harvest for supper. You can almost see it grow, it comes up so fast! And the recent cool temperatures are just what asparagus needs to thrive! The greens we are now planting love this cool weather too!


Meanwhile, inside the new hoop house, spinach, lettuce, onions and beets are up and growing fast. With the threat of frost seemingly past, (but you never know!!) we will soon have these in the open.

On this side of the tunnel we will plant potatoes. Michael and Bill have invented a special plow that will open up a furrow, and we purchased a couple of disc hillers to put on the cultivator to hill up the crop. No more backbreaking labor!

And on this side, we will plant mostly U-pick crops. Here you see the first succession of peas coming up. The second succession is in, but not up, and we will plant yet one more. When it warms a little, we will also plant green beans, bush and vining, with a trellis, and finally, cherry tomatoes and herbs. We offer a limited number of items for U-Pick at a slightly reduced cost. It is fun if you have kids, or if you just want to groove with nature once a week! My house is up on the hill there, behind those trees!

And here behind the tunnel we will plant tomatoes, very very soon! But first, we have to move it! I will publish photos of the move in my next post.

Back up at my house, here are the tomatoes that will go inside the tunnel. We are trying out a couple of greenhouse-specific types, and also our favorite heirloom varieties like Cherokee Purple and Striped German, among others. We will plant about 150 tomato plants in here and keep them well pruned. Their vines will be trained to reach toward the ceiling. Yields of tomatoes grown in a greenhouse can be impressive!

Cabbages ready to plant.

These will go into the ground right away!



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8 responses to “So Much Work Ahead! Fear Not, It Will Get Done!

  1. Lucresia

    I look forward to reading and viewing your photos in each blog. It looks like a wonderful life. My Grandparents were dairy farmers and also raised chickens and hogs. But their farm was taken by the State to build a dam. So glad they did not live long enough to see the bulldozers push all of the buildings in together and burn them. The land is now underwater and it and the surrounding farms and properties are now a recreation area.

  2. maggiemehaffey

    Thanks Lu! It is a wonderful life and a great place for kids to grow up! That is heartbreaking about your parents’ farm! I am glad too that they didn’t have to witness that abomination!

  3. Wonderful and inspiring. You get the prize!

  4. Those are great photos. You have been busy planting. The hardest time of all next to harvesting. Hoop houses and tunnels are great inventions. I’ve been planting under the low tunnels since 3/31. Everything is so green under there. Tomatoes growing in the attic garden (under the 6×6 skywindow in the roof) are almost ready for their move into the hoop house. It’s been good to have the rain lately. It’s given my back a needed rest. But there is always more to do as you know. Happy planting!

  5. Inspiring! Time for me to get outside and get busy this morning!

  6. Astounding! Is there an app to help one keep track of all the farm chores and when they need to be done? I could use one!

    • maggiemehaffey

      There is. I have been trying out an ap called Ag Squared, which is being promoted on the Johnny’s Seeds website. It is pretty good, but only as good as your data entry, which involves inputting every seed variety, planting dates, etc. etc. Most of it is in our heads. We use old-fashioned planning tools mostly. Lists, scotch taped to the pantry door, complete with check marks upon completion of the parts of any given project. Works!

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