So many days on the farm we are just lucky to have the camera in our hands at the right moment…

…to capture an interesting cloud formation…

… to record the pinks of a setting sun through the maple tree……or an intimate moment…

To record artfully, our more ordinary workday activities…

…the mundane tools of our daily toil…

from another perspective…

The creatures on our farm keep us endlessly amused and entertained…

All of this reminds us why we love what we do here!



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5 responses to “Farmtography

  1. Very nice! A picture is worth a thousand words?!!

  2. Those are great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the shovel in the wheelbarrow and what was that last shot.. a frog? that is MENTAL! i love it! This is a lovely collection of photographs.. Do you never have winter over there, we are in a white out blizzard! Ah well. i can enjoy the fresh air through you. All the animals have high tailed it back to the barn and the gardens have GONE .. all under snow! c

  4. maggiemehaffey

    We are supposed to be having winter here! Last year at this time we were clearing snow that threatened to collapse the greenhouse using the excavator to clear along the side while we hand shoveled feet of snow off the plastic. This happened at least 6 times from Jan. to Feb. I keep feeling like we are about to get hit!

  5. Melissa J. Varnavas

    Beautiful, Maggie. Love the frog and the chicken. 🙂

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