Old Friends on the Farm

The whirl of the holidays has at last ended and we wish you a Happy New Year!

We’ve really enjoyed the extended season (and extra vegetables) afforded by the unseasonably warm weather, up to and including New Year’s Eve Day when it was pushing 60 degrees here!

Unlike last year at this time, we are still harvesting from the greenhouse. Here’s mache and fresh arugula we harvested, for our Christmas salad, served with gorgonzola crumbles, candied pecans and a lovely maple basil balsamic vinaigrette. So delicious!

Last night the mercury dipped to 6F Ouch! But more like January. (Couldn’t we at least have some snow? Please? I know, be careful what you wish for…but I so want to go snowshoeing in the woods behind the farm…)

Our old friends Karen and Ralph (Ralph prefers “good friends,” to “old”, sorry Ralph…) drove up from New Jersey to help us welcome in 2012. We’ve known each other since “before…” before kids, before marriage, before granchildren, all of which proceeded for us in tandem over the past 30+ years. Now all of our respective kids are married, or are about to be. Grandchildren have arrived or are arriving soon. Truly “old” friends are the best kind!

As I said, it was pushing 60 on New Year’s Eve day and we took full advantage of the lovely weather for various pursuits on the farm. Karen and I visited the greenhouse to harvest another salad for our New Year’s gathering.

Meanwhile, Ralph got out his metal detector and Bill grabbed a shovel to see what they could find under the newly turned earth. Ralph was wishing for an old pocket knife or watch, or ring, or a buried cache of coins under the old stone walls…

Dave, our friend from Parker River Alpaca Farm joined the fun.

Nothing but a few coins were found…but cameraderie and exercise trumps treasure any day, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, Karen and I wandered around the farm and found Desiree out back with her bunny, “Inigo Montoya.” Sadly, Inigo’s friend, Wesley died last week, so until a new friend arrives (soon!) Inigo has “Pony,” his stuffed animal to snuggle with. Sometimes Suchi (Desi’s mini-Pom) gets into the cage to snuggle with the bunnies.

Then, Karen and I took a good long walk in the woods. Life indeed is rich, isn’t it?


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2 responses to “Old Friends on the Farm

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time.. and how wonderful to still be harvesting.. not as warm here but definitely a lovely winter so far!! i am very tempted to get a metal detector for john he would love something like that! c

  2. maggiemehaffey

    Imagine what treasures might be found under the ground on your farm!

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