Getting Ready for Winter

Michael has been seeing enormous squirrels lately, which he said he’s heard indicates a cold winter ahead. What do you think?

In addition to planting garlic, we’ve also been pulling out tired and frost-bitten plants and taking down the electric fence. Yesterday, Michael plowed up more ground in the garden, adding many feet to our existing rows, which will give the sod a chance to break down and compost over the long winter months. We have decided next season, in addition to CSAs, that we will explore selling to local restaurants. We have one new corporate chef client, our friend Jackie, who cooks for a company in Lexington. The extra room in the garden will give us room to plant more successions of broccoli, cauliflower and other crops we can sell during the season.

Last weekend we got the greenhouse squared away for colder weather. Just in time for this week’s heat wave! hah!

Hearty cold-tolerant crops were planted in the front greenhouse bed in late August, to reach full growth by mid-November. In the greenhouse’s summer position, an early planted (April) tomato crop thrived, avoided late blight and other perils, and kept pumping out delicious red ripe tomatoes until nearly the end of October. We’ve never seen such tomatoes!! Once this crop was done and cleaned out, the greenhouse got moved to its winter position, over the baby late-season crops.

Here you see we’ve installed hoops, (1″ PVC electrical conduit) over two rows over which we’ve draped Reemay. This will protect the crops under a double layer, giving them a couple of zones advantage during colder weather. We also stopped watering when the greenhouse was pulled over. This keeps the plant cells from bursting during the freeze-thaw cycles they go through in the colder months.


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