Firing on all cylinders…

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9 responses to “Firing on all cylinders…

  1. Hardworking, fun-loving, fine living Mehaffey’s!! Love it!! You guys are the BEST!!

  2. Lucresia Batschelet

    Just beautiful. Many hands make short work. The veggies are wonderful.

  3. Marcia Farina

    The spinach is totally awesome!!! Love the rhubarb wraps Michael put together!!!

  4. arlene batschelet

    Wow…..those veggies look awesome! So many, so early……amazing!

  5. maggiemehaffey

    The greenhouse really gives us a jump on some early vegetables.

  6. Jim Dean

    Yeah Ryan Tengler! You rinse and bundle those veges! Lookin fresh guys!

  7. Leslie Metzger

    Fabulous photos, Maggie. Makes me wish I was in N.E. even more. Happy first day of summer. Remember “Summer in a Jar” by good old whatshis name? Hee, hee!
    Oh yah! Greg Brown.

  8. Thank you so much maggie, what a LOT of work.. I love the hoop house.. soon time to start our seedlings.. or are you already on it with that hoop house! c

  9. Maggie

    Soon Cecilia, soon!! We will plant our first crop of carrots in the greenhouse in just a couple of weeks. Not long after that, celery, leeks and onion starts will go under the lights in my house. And so it begins again…

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