Potatoes to Tomatoes and a Jam in the Barn

Friday was a perfect day to get the rest of the potatoes in the ground. We’ve got Kennebecs, Banana Fingerlings, Red Thumb Fingerlings, All Blue and Red Cranberrys, over 1500 row feet of em!
We make our furrows the old-fashioned way with an ancient wheel hoe.  Someday we may have the equipment to make this process more automated, but while we’re still small, we will make do with what we have. People often ask about our lifestyle choice we’ve made, to do this farm, “What a lot of work!,” they say.
That’s true…but on a beautiful Spring Friday as we plant the potatoes, the work is indeed physical, it doesn’t seem that hard. There’s the enjoyment of the process. It’s not drudgery at all. We celebrate how the work makes our bodies stronger. Our minds and spirits feel alive and whole and we feel connected to the earth and our heritage.
In between the work, Kaylyn, 6, came to visit and found the drum set in the barn. She proceeded to put down a beat. She’s never played, but she know just how to do it! She’s a natural!


 The asparagus looks beautiful.

Lilacs against the garage wall. 
A sonic animal deterrent keeps the rabbits and other robbers away from our lettuce and other greens until we can get the electric fence up and running.  
We planted tomatoes in the greenhouse now that it has been moved to its new location.

Apple blossoms and lilacs


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One response to “Potatoes to Tomatoes and a Jam in the Barn

  1. Leslie Metzger

    Pictures are wonderful–Spring in N.E. is always awesome but even more so at the Mehaffey Farm! Love the asparagus picture the best!!!!

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