Nurturing the Harvest

New life is popping up everywhere on the farm, and we’re off to a great start for the CSA season.

Maggie, Rich and our new helper, our cousin Hannah, spent Wednesday in Dave and Olivia Sanderson’s greenhouse at Parker River Alpaca Farm, where we’re planting about 1/3 of the crops for transplant into our summer garden. The rest we’ll direct seed into the garden as soon as it’s warm enough. Meanwhile, under plastic and row cover in our farm’s new hoophouse, we’re getting an early start on salad crops like lettuce, arugula, chard and kale, scallions and carrots.

At Dave’s, this week’s plantings included peppers, hot and sweet; two varieties of Italian eggplant, and several types of flowers, about 24 flats filled so far. Many more crops will planted there over the next couple of weeks. Soon, every available corner of the greenhouse will be filled with seedlings.

Dave’s greenhouse isn’t the only place we’re growing. In my house flats of onions, leeks and celery flourish under grow lights on heat mats on my window seats. The leeks will be planted directly into the hoophouse. The rest will be moved into Dave’s greenhouse this week, to make room for more flats we’ll start under lights.

Inside the Mehaffey hoophouse, work began in February, conditioning the beds and planting new seed  just as soon as the day light lengthened to about 10 hours.

Once these plants are established in a week or two, we will move the house to a second plot where we’ll begin planting the next succession of greens.

Coming up:  A post on making our own soil blocks. Our goal is to cut down on the cost and waste of those plastic inserts and trays used for starting plants. With soil blocks, the ingredients are readily available and better for the environment.


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One response to “Nurturing the Harvest

  1. Eunice

    Great start to a new season!
    I make my own pots from newpaper and empty toilet tissue rolls and paper towel tubes kept all winter and I save every plastic yogurt cup to recycle and all my friends chip in! Ones I sell larger are made from cow manure, lol This is how I grow all ORGANIC. I save on buying all the other stuff. Have a GREAT SEASON, hope your farm rakes in the DOUGH!

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