Mehaffey Farm’s New Website

It seemed like a long winter, didn’t it? But we’ve made it through and spring is here at last. All we need now is a string of warmer days. Any minute now…Even though it’s been almost as cold as February this past week, we’re definitely noticing the strength of the sun in the greenhouse. Every day we’re astounded by the rapid growth of all the little seedlings as they stretch toward the light. We feel it too. We’re starting to crave fresh greens again. All winter we’ve enjoyed cooking up all our stored root vegetables, and finding myriad ways to prepare all the lovely canned and frozen tomatoes, sauces and other delights we put in the freezer and pantry.  Lucky for us, we’re also still enjoying the last row of spinach, the last of the hearty greens we planted last fall in the greenhouse.

In the meantime, we’ve welcomed a new family member, Ross and Acacia’s baby, Shelby Ruth Mehaffey, born Feb. 8. Isn’t she a doll? She’s seven weeks already. How did that happen? Winter is the perfect time to have a new baby in the house, and we’re thoroughly enjoying every minute watching her grow.

We’ve been very busy in the greenhouse, preparing new beds, planting carrots, and lots of spring greens. Bill and I took a much-needed vacation in Florida. The whole family also attended the very excellent Harvest New England workshop in Sturbridge, along with over 850 other attendees. Inspiring! There we learned a tremendous amount and got a chance to network with other farmers and experts from across the region who are invested in doing what we do.

We’ve been buying seeds and new equipment and planning for what promises to be an exciting season. In the midst of all this activity, we’ve also been working on a new brochure. It’s now at the printer, and will be coming in the mail to last year’s CSA shareholders in a just a few days. We’ve already heard from a few of you who’ve told us you’re eager to return this year. Please let us know as soon as you can if you would like a spot reserved for you this year. We’re only adding only a small number of Spring/Summer shares, but we’re gearing up for a larger number of Late Season shares. 

We’re also pretty excited about our new composting program. We invite everyone who wants to participate this year to bring us their kitchen scraps to help us build healthy soil on the farm. Everyone gets a five-gallon bucket and lid, to exchange for a clean one when you come to pick up your share. If you don’t want to participate, or you’re already composting at home that’s fine. The program is not mandatory. But it’s an excellent way for you to join us in our quest toward a more sustainable world.

This brings me to the subject of this post: our new website. Check it out! We’re very excited about it. It’s loaded with information and photos of the farm, and news about the upcoming season. Click here to see, . We’ve also placed a link in the sidebar here. So please send us your feedback. We love hearing from you!!!


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  1. Hi, Maggie,

    Thanks for the lovely visit yesterday! I made a version of your friend’s cashew and red pepper mixture as a dip yesterday, and it worked pretty well.

    Your farm is beautiful! I look forward to more visits.


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