A Hot, Peppery Fairy Tale (the real story…)

Once upon a time in a faraway land, Snow White and Dopey were walking through the forest, and they came upon some giant green and orange fruits. “Eat Me!”  they cried.

“Oooh! Pretty!” said the ever-gullible girl.

All around them were the shiny green and orange and delicious-looking objects. Snowy’s mouth watered.

“Be careful, there’s said to be magic in these woods. And magic isn’t always so good,” said Dopey.

Some of the fruits were looking pretty wierd…

“Looks lethal to me,” said the ever-cautious Dopey. “You know, the Evil Stepmother lives near hear. You might want to be careful.”

“But they’re so beautiful! What harm could there be in just a tiny taste?” said the girl.

Throwing caution to the winds, and ignoring the sage counsel of the wise little dwarf, (poor Dopey, youngest, most misunderstood of the Seven) she took the teeniest, tiniest nibble…

The rest is history…


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