Ratatouille Like My Mama Used to Make

Ahhh! Ratatouille…How I’ve missed your smells, your flavors. How long I’ve waited for one more taste of your savory deliciousness. I’m picturing you on my plate, all hot and bubbly under a thick grated blanket of Romano Peccorino. I can’t get my mind off sopping up your juices with a big hunk of chewy bread. Right this minute, you’re bubbling voluptuously on my stove, scenting the house with your heady herbal perfume, in a rapture, a collision, an orgasm of culinary-lingus.

Time to pop a cork on a nice Cabernet…

To make Ratatouille like Mimi used to make, go right this minute into the garden and pick everything that’s all ripe and ready.




Summer Squash



Fresh Basil, Parsley, Oregano, Thyme

 Thickly slice the eggplant. Lay on paper towels. Get it all nice and salty then let it sit and weep for 15-20 minutes. (Oh the drama! Let it think you don’t love it anymore, and it will weep out all its bitter tears…) Cut all the veggies into chunks.

Sautee in small batches in good olive oil. As each batch gets browned and partly cooked, place into a Dutch Oven. Chop tomatoes coarsely, retaining as much of the juices as you can, and stir into pot with all the chopped fresh herbs and pepper.

Simmer away on low for at least 40 minutes.

Sop it up with a crusty loaf and a nice glass of red vino!

Tastes even better the next day, if there’s ever any left!



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3 responses to “Ratatouille Like My Mama Used to Make

  1. Eunice

    Funny I went out and gathered from ours tonight as well! I am glad I ate mine before reading your post or I would be so hungry right now. Thanks!

  2. Leslie Metzger

    Orgasmic meal. Could get you in trouble. Next thing you know—-you’ve got a watermelon in your belly! Or maybe it’s just gas from all the fresh veggies. Whatever, this meal is a sure cure for whatever ails ya!

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