As Summer Rolls Into August…

Mehaffey Farm images from July into August that have been hanging out on my camera. Time to share! 

Richie’s view of the washtable and some golden beets, near the end of a recent busy harvest day. 


Here’s how the CSA pickup stand looks on Mondays and Tuesdays. It’s now bounty of vegetables for our shareholders! 




Maggie and Ross harvest summer squash. 



Luke Confalone, one of our CSA share members helps us weed. His favorite part, after getting wet under the sprinklers, is feeding the weeds to our chickens! 




We’ve had incredible lettuce yields this summer, despite the drought. So far, we’ve been able to continue to water regularly, but we really need the rain!!! 



Maggie with Niki Bogin, manager of the Gloucester Farmer’s Market. She does a great job under some often difficult conditions. We love Niki!! 



We’ve been plagued by a resident bunny who had taken up residence in the big electrified garden. Why should any self-respecting bunny go anwhere else when there’s delicious tender green beans to munch on all the time? We have other ideas, so we set up a large Have-A-Heart trap, and look what we caught! The next night, we did catch the bunny… We’ve also been battling tomato hornworms, that are eating our tomato foliage. (Don’t worry, we have plenty of tomatoes, and we’re on a campaign to get these buggers under control…) We are also fighting with a raccoon and possibly coyote that are stealing our ripe watermelons. We lost twelve in two nights this week! Michael has set up an electronic high frequency device that detects motion, and a couple more traps near the edge of the melon patch. So far, so good. We’ll keep you posted… 


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  1. Leslie Metzger

    Hey, Maggie! You look fabulous in that hat!

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