I’ll Never Take Broccoli For Granted Again!

For that matter, I’ll never take for granted tomatoes, onions, cabbage, or any other vegetable we grow ourselves here.

After planting hundreds of little broccoli seeds in greenhouse flats, and after watering and tending and waiting for them to grow big enough and then harrowing in bucketloads of compost and hoeing up the rows, and bending over to tuck every little plant into the ground in neat rows, and weeding and weeding, and after worrying that there’s not enough rain, and irrigating, and then worrying that today’s thunderstorm (and the next and the next) will drop baseball sized hail…(long inhaled breath….) then, oh, only then, if Mother Nature’s cooperates, will we get lots of beautiful heads of broccoli to put on our tables…

To paraphrase Scarlett O’Hara, “With God as my witness, I will never take broccoli for granted again!”


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One response to “I’ll Never Take Broccoli For Granted Again!

  1. Eunice

    Good stuff, well said! I sat on a milk crate for hrs yesterday in beautiful weather just 30 min. from you under the gun of storms and hail, I put red plastic under my tomatoes this year too and all I have let to do is weed peas which are 8″tall and stake quickly or make pretty willow tri-pods for them to grow nice and tall on.
    Hang in there today then we have some pretty growing weather before next rain. I usually water from my trout stream with gas pump but we get rain just when we need it (For a Change) LOL

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