Hang Tough

 I’m glad I always carry my camera when I come upon such moments. This tiny little guy was hanging on the latch of the new garden gate to the big garden. He stayed on for the ride as I swung open the gate to let in a truckful of plants. When I left for lunch, he’d climbed up and was resting comfortably. I gently set him free in the grass outside the fence.  

We’re really making great progress against summer’s short and intense timetable of planting in our huge gardens. I think I’ll share a little of this little toad’s intrepid spirit…(though not usually one to anthromorphisize.) “Persistence pays! Hang tough!”



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3 responses to “Hang Tough

  1. Eunice

    I too carry my camera everywhere for just this type of moment.
    Once our seedlings hit the earth of the garden rows we are all really at the mercy
    of Mother Nature aren’t we.
    Thanks this was great to see and read with my coffee this morning enjoy the sun as the rains will come but we are saving on water, aren’t we lol

  2. mehaffeyfarm

    Just pray it’s rain and not hail or tornado! Scary weather lately!!!

    • Eunice

      You are not kidding!
      I am open here with so much sun and windmill getting ready to power some parts of this place. I worry about the openess.
      The Tornado that touched down 7 times in NH recently came through here and the sky was getting that green tinge it was scary, then it went on to ruin so many lives behind me in those towns
      Let’s pray for an awesome year for crops I have had enough with all the floods over here!

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