Plants and Animals…


 Suchi tries out the new chicken tractor Michael is building to house their new chicks. With the addition of some roll-up fencing, the chickens can be moved anywhere to browse on fresh greens. Chickens are great at weed removal.


“Princess Suchi”also gets to ride everywhere in the wagon. She tries to keep up, but she’s getting on in years, and sometimes needs a little rest.

Along with the rhubarb and asparagus, we’re already harvesting the first peppery and delicious radishes of the season!

Meanwhile, in the greenhouse…

The plants are growing bigger!

This week, we’re bring some of them back to the farm, to begin the “hardening off” process.

For about a week before we will plant them in the ground, the greenhouse-raised plants get moved in and out of the barn, lengthening the exposure each time, to gradually getting them used to the harsher conditions of sun and wind.

Here are this year’s seed-potatoes just before we planted them this week.


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