Mehaffey Farm Photo Journal

So much to do on the farm — a week’s worth of images…


 A panoramic view of the back from three photos stitched together.   

The long view of the big garden taken from the hill at the end of the field.  

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, lots of presents began coming through the door — including something new to live at Mike and Desi’s house. Can you guess what it is?  

“Mabe iz prezence for us?”  Suchi and Charger patiently sit by the door, wondering what’s in the big box that Mike and Desi are carrying up to the house.   

“What iz you?”    

“Dem are baby chickz, dummy, I seen em befoah. Dey smell funny and make loud peepz noizes! Dere kinda cute now, but pretty soon dey gonna be bigger dan me! Den I’ze gonna be ‘fraid of em!”    Richie loads up on soaker hoses and we began setting up the irrigation for the “greens” garden.    


Ross and Mike began jacking up the old corn barn, to renovate it for more storage.     

Mike loaded compost into the spreader. 

The ground near the water hole is still too wet for the tractor. Bill got stuck. Mike pulled him out.     

    Ross looked at the onions we planted over the course of two days. Bill put the finishing touches on the pump he installed. Ready to irrigate the big garden!

We planted over 1,700 each of our favorite yellow and red Candy Onions. Ow! Our backs are sore. But all the hard work will be worth it come harvest time!     

Look! The first crop of peas is up, Sugar Snap and Snow Peas. Soon the plants will send up tendrils and begin to climb the netting!Potatoes are a really fun crop to grow — kind of like buried treasure. We will plant five varieties this weekend. To prepare seed potatoes, (just like Bill’s dad used to do,) we cut them so there’s two-to-three eyes on each piece, to get maximum yields. We wait a couple of days for the cut potatoes to dry and “heal over,” so they don’t rot in the ground. 

There will be: Kennebecs, and Katahdins, two Maine favorites that are really good keepers; early Red Pontiac potatoes, great dug up small and tender for “new potatoes;” and last year’s fan fave, Banana Fingerlings. Because we liked the fingerlings so much, we’re adding two new types: French Fingerlings, with a swirl of pink running through a yellow center when sliced, and Red Thumb Fingerlings. Both look delicious and we can’t wait to taste!     

Everyone needs a little break at the end of the day.

To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”
–Milan Kundera



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