See Jamie Oliver’s Food Flash Mob on Youtube

Click on the link to see one of the methods Jamie Oliver used to win a bet that he could get 1,000 people over five days to come to learn how to cook in his kitchen in Huntington West. Virginia. The flash mob took place at Marshall University. Watch it, it’s very cool! I love this guy!



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3 responses to “See Jamie Oliver’s Food Flash Mob on Youtube

  1. Leslie Metzger

    Wow, Maggie. I can’t wait to see the photographs of how fast things grow! Is Dave’s greenhouse on your property or do you travel to Dave’s house? That’s Livie’s husband, right?
    You’ll be putting all of this in your book one of these days. It only costs $1000 to self-publish with Xlibris. How about using some of these photos to make a calender to take to the market…something with with your address on it?
    Great job as usual. I’m passing your blog along. So very, very proud of you and Bill and your Boys! Yipee! I love enthusiasm of any sort and you have got it in spades! Get it? In spades! LOL Leslie

    • mehaffeyfarm

      Ha ha! Spades, I get it! Thanks Leslie, I’m proud of you too, for publishing your first book! You’re definitely leading the way for when I’m ready to write my book: “The Farm that Food Saved!” Dave’s greenhouse is at his farm in Newbury, “Parker River Alpacas”

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