Cool Weather Crops


This weekend’s nice weather enabled us to put in the first planting of cool-weather crops: three varieties of peas, seven kinds of lettuce, spinach, kale, bok choy, beets, and shallots, and a whole new flower bed.

The new asparagus bed, planted last spring got some much-needed attention: weeding, and a nice compost top-dressing. Asparagus is a crop that requires patience– new crowns that were planted last spring still need a couple more years before we get any significant crop. 

We also weeded and fertilized the rhubard, which is growing so fast, you can see it!

Fencing was at the top of our to-do list this weekend. It’s us against the resident woodchuck, who is just waiting to sample the smorgasbord of delicious veggies in his front yard. Sorry little guy, those  veggies aren’t for you! Over 400 feet of fencing has been  installed so far, all designed to keep our vegetables away from hungry critters.

On the agenda for May: electric fencing around the big garden where all the late May plantings will go. And irrigation. We will tap two wells on the farm that will allow us to pump water and irrigate the crops. Bill and the boys are building a water tower with a 300 gallon tank, part of our new gravity-feed irrigaton system.  We are also planning to install a whole rain water collection system.


Peter arrived early on Saturday morning with a very special birthday present for Bill…our new Mehaffey Farm mascot/not-so-scary-scarecrow. She still needs a name…any suggestions?


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  1. I think the new scarecrow should be called Penelope. The farm looks great! I’ll bring Julian by for a visit when we get home.

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